Saturday, February 11, 2012

thing #45792 that I do when I'm bored

And today, I was bored. Some of you know that I'm a dance costume designer/maker - and every now and again I like to design things that aren't dance costumes. I was on the phone this morning with my mom and we were having a conversation about pretty dresses... so I randomly designed a few dresses just for giggles. I wish I could draw better... so just as a warning, these look much better in my head than on paper :D And you'll have to imagine the colors cause all I had with me were normal pencils.

This one - in case you can't read the writing - would be orange and yellow chiffon (which is really pretty, see through fabric) - that has a bunch of layers (layered alternately, orange and yellow) so it looks like a sunset. The circles are clear rhinestones that will make it sparkle, and the side of the skirt is gathered up to the knee. The gathers make the fabric swoosh to the side. 

This one is strapless, but it would have one of those little scarf/wrap things that would go around the shoulders. The bodice (top of the dress) is a dropped waist, and it's made out of hot pink satin. The little swirlys are made out of clear sequins that are sewn on the bodice in that shape. The bottom is like a million layers of hot pink chiffon so it's really flowy, and the back of the dress is a bit longer than the front. 

This dress is strapless too, but it would look pretty with a shrug on top. It's an A-line dress made out of burgundy satin, with a cutaway part coming down from the waist line. The inside - under the cut-away is light pink satin, and there are fabric flowers that run down the burgundy part where it cuts away. They are pink/burgundy tie dye... well, not really tie dye but basically those two colors swirled together. The top of the dress has a few layers of pink ribbon sewn on the sweetheart neckline. 

So that's what I did today. :D If you actually read all that - you get a gold star! I know that it's probably like Greek to a lot of you.... I know it is to my family and they get lost when I talk about it. And if any of you feel like you want to buy one of these dresses - let me know and I'll sew one up!! :D :D :D

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