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I don't have a whole lot of info on the "About Me" section of this blog - mainly because I'd like to write it myself instead of doing Blogspot's 'fill in the blanks'. So here goes.

-I am a 22 year old gal who lives in the midwestern United States.
-I am a daughter to two lovely parents.
-I am a sister to 3 younger brothers.
-I am a dance teacher - teaching about 20 classes per week (over 250 students) from ages 4-18
-I am a sinner - and it's only by God's saving grace that I'm one of His children and am promised a place in His Kingdom.
-I am a huge fan of reading, coffee, math, sudoku, chocolate, sewing, running, biking, music, and anything that puts a smile on my face.

My life goal is to be a giver. When I die, I really want people to remember that I loved helping people. And not only that I liked helping, but I was a *joyful* helper. Sometimes it's all too easy to help with a negative attitude, but that's not what God wants from me. So there's my life goal.

Random fact (just for fun): my favorite food is anything that has to do with falafels or hummus, and my least favorite food is anything that has to do with ginger.

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