Thursday, March 29, 2012

rockin' the pink and green

Came to dance yesterday, and two of my students about did a flip cause we matched!! It was pretty cool. And I think they were almost on cloud 9 to be matching with Miss India! Hehe, kind of awesome :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Good: I watched the movie "The Last Samurai" yesterday with my brother. It.Was.Epic. We were both trying to think of a part we didn't like, or a part that was negative.... we couldn't think of anything. The acting was great (Tom Cruise is always amazing, and this movie was no exception :D ), the soundtrack was fantastic, the cinematography was astounding.... I could go on and on! I wasn't terribly fond of the blood splattering and whatnot - but it was war - so I let it slide. One of my favorite lines from it: "You think a man can change his destiny?" "I think a man does what he can til his destiny is revealed."

The Bad: I took my grade 4 Cecchetti Ballet exam on Friday, and while I passed, I got about the equivalent of a "D" on it :( It's hard when I've worked for months on something, and I know I did my very best - only to have two judges tell me I only did well enough for a D. Good that I passed - but bad/sad on my grade. Oh well.

The Ugly: The Hunger Games. I read the books about a month ago - they are amazing books! I, like every other person on this planet (or so it seemed) was excited for the movie to come out. It was depressing, sad, and pretty horrible all around. You know how they always say that the movie will never be better than the book? Well in this case it was so much the opposite. There were no emotions in this movie, whereas the book was full of them. My family got home and ranted for like 20 minutes on how horrible the movie was. Mini-rant: the book says "may the odds be ever in your favor" maybe, like, twice. In the movie - it seemed like they said it every.other.minute. Why?! Oh Hollywood, how you astound me (not in a good way) sometimes.

And, just so I'm not ending this post on a bad note, I'm eating chocolate chips. Yay! Chocolate just makes everything better.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

occupy time

Before I talk about the occupy part of this post, I want to talk about time. Just briefly. Why does everyone get so mad at daylight savings time? Like, mad enough to want to start a petition to stop it, and go punch Ben Franklin in the face. What's the big deal? Time is relative, and I don't really understand why losing or gaining an hour, relatively speaking, is a huge deal. (shrugs)

Occupy. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland, Occupy Earth. I'm all for people feeling there is wrong in the world and wanting to change it.... but I'm not sure the occupy people are going about it the right way. I'm not even sure if they should be doing what they are doing. I was reading Matthew 20 the other day, the parable of the workers in the vineyard. At the end of the day, the workers that had worked all day were super upset - because the owner paid them the same amount as he paid the dudes who worked for an hour. Hold the phone. Mr A (we'll just say that's the name of the guy that owned the vineyard) owns.the.vineyard. It's his. He can do whatever he wants with it - including paying his workers whatever he wants.

Not to mention, the workers that were mad (the ones that worked all day), agreed to work for what they got paid. It's not like Mr A said "I'm going to pay you $20 for working all day" and then he goes and gives them $10. No, he gave them $20. It's just that he also gave $20 to the people that only worked an hour.

This is what the occupy movement people miss. The huge CEOs, presidents, and guys in charge of the corporations had to work to get where they are. It's their company, they worked their way up to the top, and it's their money to do what they want with it. If they want to give to charity, that's cool. If they want to buy a jet, that's also cool. It's their prerogative because it's their business and their money. It's what makes capitalism so beautiful.

So that's my sound off for the day. :) Enjoy your missed hour (relatively speaking), everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

oh happy day!!

Guess what came in the mail today......!!!!!