Sunday, March 25, 2012

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Good: I watched the movie "The Last Samurai" yesterday with my brother. It.Was.Epic. We were both trying to think of a part we didn't like, or a part that was negative.... we couldn't think of anything. The acting was great (Tom Cruise is always amazing, and this movie was no exception :D ), the soundtrack was fantastic, the cinematography was astounding.... I could go on and on! I wasn't terribly fond of the blood splattering and whatnot - but it was war - so I let it slide. One of my favorite lines from it: "You think a man can change his destiny?" "I think a man does what he can til his destiny is revealed."

The Bad: I took my grade 4 Cecchetti Ballet exam on Friday, and while I passed, I got about the equivalent of a "D" on it :( It's hard when I've worked for months on something, and I know I did my very best - only to have two judges tell me I only did well enough for a D. Good that I passed - but bad/sad on my grade. Oh well.

The Ugly: The Hunger Games. I read the books about a month ago - they are amazing books! I, like every other person on this planet (or so it seemed) was excited for the movie to come out. It was depressing, sad, and pretty horrible all around. You know how they always say that the movie will never be better than the book? Well in this case it was so much the opposite. There were no emotions in this movie, whereas the book was full of them. My family got home and ranted for like 20 minutes on how horrible the movie was. Mini-rant: the book says "may the odds be ever in your favor" maybe, like, twice. In the movie - it seemed like they said it every.other.minute. Why?! Oh Hollywood, how you astound me (not in a good way) sometimes.

And, just so I'm not ending this post on a bad note, I'm eating chocolate chips. Yay! Chocolate just makes everything better.


  1. Well, I'm really excited that you liked the Last Samurai - I've always wondered if it was a good film, and since you liked it I know it's suitable :) But, I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you'd have liked on the ballet exam - it's so disappointing to put a lot of effort into something and not score highly. And, I'm super disappointed you didn't think the Hunger Games was enjoyable :'( I haven't read the book yet, but I've been looking forward to the movie ever since I first saw the trailer! Oh well :P

  2. re: ballet - it is. as with anything in life :(
    re: the Hunger Games - yeah I was really looking forward to seeing it too! do read the books though - they are very good :)

  3. *sad* Aaaawwwww... I sorry about the ballet exam; that's not fun. *big bear hug*

    About Hunger Games, I saw an image on FB that said something like, "Right, we're going to send our homeschooled kids to watch how kids kill other kids," with a Hunger Games photo in the back. I haven't read the book or Wiki plot, but I wasn't too impressed, so I've been "turned off" since then.