Thursday, October 16, 2014

Comic Con 2015...?

I was hanging out with my brother Noah last week (you can find his witty blog over here at and we were talking about birthdays and growing up and all the adult-ish things that suck, etc. etc. It was brought up that he'll be 20 (?!) in January, and I told him I should get him something epic.

The conversation continued... who knew I'd have a brother so loving of comics and superheroes and Batman and The Flash....! I suppose, boy things. But the topic of Comic Con came up - it's an annual convention in San Diego of all lovers of comics (thus, the name). Noah mentioned what a dream it would be to go - so I told him "hey, lets go to Comic Con for your birthday!"

....what in the world have I gotten myself into.

I have a Captain America t-shirt, and have seen most of the superhero movies (would you believe my boyfriend is also an avid fan of all comic-like things?), but that's about it. Enter India: dancer, teachers, lover of books and coffee into the comic world. Culture shock? A little.

I've been researching how to get tickets (cough, sorry, they are called 'badges') for this event.... there are a lot of steps. And there's a good chance we may not get badges. You have to get an ID code months and months before the event (at least I've done that, thank the Lord) (oh and also, they can randomly turn off your ability to get that anytime they want).... then they randomly email you and tell you badges will go on sale sometime soon, so you hop on the internet and into their little 'waiting room' and wait for badges to go on sale. If you are one of the lucky people that gets through to get a badge, they are darned expensive (but even that exact amount remains a mystery), and then plane tickets to San Diego....?! Should have told Noah I'd get him a new car instead. So many unknowns... it's amazing.

In all honesty, I am pretty excited about the possibility of going. I know I will be way out of my league and my comfort zone, but after all, it's not my birthday. And who doesn't love experiencing something new? Even the process of maybe buying a badge for this thing has been exciting so far. Don't worry, I'll keep you all updated on the progress. Until next time. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

little things

local college homecoming parade this morning. spent some time watching the floats go by and drinking coffee with my lovely boyfriend.

I have a Captain America tshirt that I'll wear on October 31st. why pass up a reason to dress like a superhero?

it's my little brother's birthday today. 17. how the time flies. excited to celebrate that tonight.

phone call with my bestie yesterday. wasn't long, never is, but worth more than gold.

almost halfway done with work as I type. that's happiness.

to pick up a book and travel to another place is one of the best feelings. to end with a quote from a lovely tv show I'm watching.

"we may sit in a library, and yet be at all corners of the earth."