Thursday, February 9, 2012


If you know me even just a little bit, you might know that I have a pet peeve. Kind of a big one. And it's when people kill compliments. There's nothing worse than telling somebody they are awesome, or they are doing something awesome, then to have them come right back at you with a "nooo I'm not". Really? Did I just lie then? Did I take time out of my day to lie to you right there? And not that it's about wasting time, but seriously if someone cares enough to give you a compliment, that should mean a lot to you. Even if you think it's not true in your own head, don't say it out loud! Thank them! Or better yet, use it to turn the conversation to the One who made us awesome. "You're awesome!!" "Well, if I am, it's because I know Jesus and HE'S awesome!" (example conversation)

So yeah, that's one of my pet peeves. Accept compliments. Smile when you say thank you for whatever compliment you've gotten. Try it sometime - it's a good thing! Oh and on the flip side of that - make sure you give compliments too. Everyone loves a positive, compliment-giver person. ;) :)

Oh, one more thing, just to cover my bases, I'm not saying I do this perfectly either. I fail A LOT. But it's just something I try to keep in the back of my mind - don't kill compliments. don't kill compliments. :)


  1. Ok, I am officially annoyed. I totally thought that I'd followed your new blog. Turns out, I've missed about 10 of your blog posts and Google Reader won't admit that I did follow your blog. *glares*

    Anywho... I'm afraid I frequently commit the crime aforementioned and I sure hope you didn't have the peeve when we first met. However, I think I've been improving in the area of accepting compliments as well as giving them. I hope.

    I miss and love you very much, sis. I need to get online more!

  2. Wow... in regards to this post, my name is actually spelled G-U-I-L-T-Y. :P But you've helped me more than you know with it, Indi... thanks for the reminder! Love you bunches! <3

  3. Good thoughts India! In the spirit of false humility I sometimes commit that crime as well. Come to think about it, it's actually dishonoring to God to kill compliments, because we are denying the gifts that He has given us! We should gratefully accept compliments as a tribute to our Maker and use them to honor Him.

  4. Good comments!! Just wanted to throw it out there that I wasn't trying to point fingers or make anyone feel guilty by this post :( That wasn't my intent!!! But if God somehow uses what I say... that's cool. :)

    @Tori: Oh sad! And I miss you too!!!

    @Essie: Love you too dear!! <3

    @Jonathan: Amen!