Wednesday, February 29, 2012

snow day!

Snow day. Therefore, random thoughts.

This horrible debating inside Christianity needs to die. Stop arguing and love each other, folks.

Why, when you accidentally bleach a shirt does it totally bleach and ruin - yet when you bleach it on purpose nothing happens?

Too often I wish I could say what my heart is feeling. But that would probably get me in trouble. 

Hummus just might be God's greatest invention. 

WHY can't I decide what color to ice my sugar cookies?! Life is so hard.... 

It's been snowing for like, the past 20 hours. Please stop? 

I have sweet friends. Like, really really awesome amazing incredibly sweet friends.

The book of Romans has a lot of stuff in it. Lots of stuff I need to work on. 

I need to stop worrying about my future cause God has it under control. How cool is that. The creator of the universe has my life in the palm of His hand. What am I worried about? 

And now, a funny picture to end this post:

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  1. It does get annoying that people shouldn't say what their heart feels. If I could I know I would either be loved immensely or be beat up so badly. Possibly both. :P Gotta give a thumbs up for hummus! Awesome stuff right there. I think you should go with camo coloured icing on the cookies. Oh and I will testify that yes you do have sweet friends. I should know. I am one of them. :D :P