Friday, February 3, 2012


hello, folks! It's 2am, and I really wanted to do a video blog, but I feel like if I wanted to still be alive tomorrow, I probably shouldn't talk and wake my entire family up. Not a great idea. So here you are, stuck with boring words on a page. :( Maybe if I remember (and have time) I'll do a video blog tomorrow.

So what is new? Life is busy! And I like it when life is busy. Life is too short for it to not be busy, right? Right! Anyways, I just got back from an epic weekend in California - spent it with my college buddies. To say the least, it was a blast and I'm so glad I went.

How else is life busy.... usual stuff (my life is boring, but busy). Dance, costumes, teaching. Chilling with my family. Being social every now and again (or trying). Life doesn't change a whole lot! Which I suppose is a good thing. Maybe.

Aaaaand I think I'm starting to ramble. So let's end this post and do a video blog later. Sounds good. Cheerio!!

OH! random side note! I added photos to my 'more about me' page 8-) just in case you cared. 

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