Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So a good friend made me watch the new Batman movie with him last night. It was pretty good! For being someone who likes Pride and Prejudice (but who also has seen her share of action/adventure movies) I enjoyed it. Maybe I enjoyed who I was with more.... but anyways. :) We watched The Dark Knight Rises.

There is a part of the movie where Batman is stuck in this deep prison/hole/thing. The only way to get out is to climb a solid rock wall. A bunch of people have tried it, while being tied to a rope to be safe, and can't make it. Because of how the wall is, they have to jump from one ledge to the other while climbing, and most everyone who has tried it has failed. Batman tries it (so he can get out and save Gotham City - and all that heroic stuff), while being tied onto the rope (the rope, being there, in case you don't make it, you don't fall and die... whatever). And he misses. It was pretty downing. But then there's this older blind dude in the prison and he tells Batman to stop fearing death, and just climb the wall. Without the rope.

It was a pretty powerful moment, as Batman slowly climbs up the wall, with the rest of the prisoners watching, cheering him on. With one last fateful breath, Batman attempts the jump, without the rope.... and makes it! It was really cool. It made me think.... are there things in life that are weighing me down from doing something, because I think it's safer that way? What could I be doing that is more out of my comfort zone, maybe doing something God wants me to do.... but I don't because I'm scared it might be harmful? I know the whole "trusting in God" thing wasn't a part of the movie, but I'm applying it here anyways. Trust. It's hard. Like really hard. But God knows what He's doing, always. Sometimes we have to just jump, unhindered, and trust that He's going to help us land. 


  1. Yes I do like more Jane Austen movies, but maybe I should see batman.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. oh boy. dontcha love how a well-i-think-i-might-just-pop-over-and-see-what-india-is-up-to turns into a oh-wow-God-thanks-for-convicting-me-in-this-area-yet-again? totally something i've been thinking about and feeling that i am much too comfortable in being comfortable but i am such a chicken. anyway, thanks! love you!