Sunday, November 4, 2012

life lessons from... show choir?

All through high school I had the impression that show choir was a big joke. I had never really seen a show, but I had seen my friends who were in it practicing and whatnot. All they did (or so I thought) was stand there, sing, and maybe do a grapevine (one of the easiest dance steps - for all you non-dancers out there). Super lame, right? To make a long story short one of my coworkers/good friends is a show choir choreographer and he asked me to help him teach a workshop today. Sure - yeah - it's easy - show choir is lame anyways - I'll be able to pick it up fast - I can help - no problem. Ha ha ha. It's kind of a killer little sport, there! To do all the choreography, and sing, and move around on stage (and there are these riser things - crazy)...... but not for one song. For anywhere from 5-12 songs. Like 3-5 minute songs. Let's just say, that after today, I have a much greater respect for show choir!

All in all though, it was a fabulous day. I love to dance, I love to dance with my friend, and even though the kids didn't pick up the choreography super fast, they tried their hardest and were doing a fairly good job! I'm super excited to keep working with them.

I was talking to another friend about this and they said something like "it's good to do things you aren't used to doing - expanding your horizons and whatnot". Which is so true! How many of us just stay in our perfect little circle, our little bubble of life. It's safe there, we know what's going on, and life is peachy. That's all well and fine but is that really living life to the fullest? Go! Try something new! Even if you suck at it (believe me, I messed up more times than I want to admit with this show choir business today) - you should try it.

This post slowly morphed itself from a random life story to a random life lesson. Not how I planned for this post to go but sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own and I just roll with it. Perks of being an English major. So yeah - go try something new. Step outside of the comfort box you're in, and experience life. I highly doubt you'll regret it in the end. 

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