Sunday, June 24, 2012

nostalgic moment

My brother bought a car this afternoon. My.Brother. He's 17! And growing up. So I was thinking about growing up.... how all my siblings are growing up.... how I'm growing up.... and it was kind of a sad moment. I remember how my brothers and I would build forts in the living room, how I used to put all kinds of hair ties in my brother's hair. How we'd go in the woods and play 'spy' and how we'd pretend to buy all the things in the store when we went shopping with mom and dad. And those don't even skim the surface of the memories I have with my brothers.

I'm not sure why the act of Noah buying a car made all these memories come flooding back.... but it did. And it made me realize that we're not little kids anymore. We're - like - getting old. Getting to be adults (well, I'm already an adult technically). I'm glad we're growing up - cause it means awesome times to come in the future, but at the same point I kinda miss the past. Those were pretty good times too.

Noah and I - 7 years ago :)

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  1. WOW - you two look so alike!
    I've also been having such nostalgic moments as we go shopping for Jsis, with her being almost the same size as Mom, and me remembering her as a widdle 2 year old.
    We be growin' up fast, Indisis.