Thursday, July 26, 2012

in which India remembers she has a blog

Wow, I think I had forgotten that I had a blog. It's been so long since I've clicked "New Post" and stared at an empty page thinking about what to write! Sad! It means life has been full and overflowing though. I will spare you most of the details of the past month - and just give today updates, and summer goal updates. For anyone that cares. If not, skip to the very last paragraph :) (and you won't offend me if you do, promise)

Today: last day of summer dance camp! Whoo-hoo! That means I have now approximately one month to start planning for my fall dance classes. Exciting! I think I get to teach more than I did last year, and that will be cool.
Also today: had my (4th? 5th?) violin lesson. I can't remember if I have told you, my bloggy friends, if I was taking violin lessons. Well, I am! And they are going quite well. My teacher is pretty amazing - she reminds me of my old teacher and that is a good thing. I've learned a lot and have been having fun doing so.

As far as my summer goals have been going, I've knocked 11 of 19 things off my list. Over half - yes! One of the things that was on my list was "get a slight tan" - I've never tanned before, and I wanted to see if I could do the right things (not including fake baking) to get tan. First I burned, badly, then I got white again, then I spent a few hours at a time in the sun..... and I now have a slight tan! Mind you, it's very slight, but it's the tannest I've ever been. It made me super happy when one of my co-workers said to me "India! I can tell you've been in the sun.... but you're not burnt! It's kinda tan!" <-- day made. I know this is lame, but for a red-head, I think it's a big deal. :D

This up-and-coming weekend is the summer state swim meet for my brothers. I don't particularily like swim meets - but I do like watching my bros swim crazy awesomely and I do love helping to time. Since it's outdoors, I can work on my 'tan' ;) :D

That's probably long enough. Happy August-in-like-6-days - OH! and Happy Olympics! So excited to watch it. GO USA!

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  1. Yay for violin lessons! Music is always awesome, of course.

    And yay for tans! I need to go get a nice dark tan soon... although, I could probably easily develop one in TX, no?

    Glad your summer has been going well... time flies by so quickly these days.