Sunday, June 3, 2012

ahem! funny post - ready set go.

So I'm in Alaska at my good friend Esther's house, (you may have remembered when she guest posted for me awhile back?!) and it's super late, and we were thinking.....

....if Mark Zuckerberg has Google +........

then was Adolf Hitler a Jew?
did Steve Jobs use an HP?
was Louis Pasteur dairy-free? (Esther had to explain to me who that was! oops)
was Milton Hershey a health-nut?
did John Calvin believe in Armenianism?
did Lady Gaga compose concertos?
could Molly Brown sink?
was Amelia Earhart afraid of heights?
did Fidel Castro start the Peace Corps?
did Henry Ford drive a horse and buggy?
did Martin Luther King Jr ever struggle with insomnia? or nightmares?
does Tom Brokaw actually watch the news?
did Mozart listen to the radio?
was Benedict Arnold loyal?

....yeah. that's what 2 hyper girls come up with at like 1am. :D 

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