Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learn from my mistake

For the last few weeks I've felt really hollow inside. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and life was kind of a nightmare. I finally prayed to God and asked Him to please change whatever was wrong with me... and He did. It was then that I realized - I had been forgetting to pray for myself.

A few years ago, I was in a phase where all I did was pray for myself when I prayed - asking God to help with this or that - and I was forgetting to pray for other people. I realized that, and started praying for others. Time went by, and I stopped praying for myself and concentrating on everyone else. Huge mistake.

It was very prideful of me to think that I didn't need to ask God for help - that I could live just fine on my own. It took a few weeks of being totally empty and miserable inside to realize that maybe I did need God's help. Pride goes before a fall, yes?

So to all my blogging friends... don't forget to pray for yourself. Ask - no - beg God to help you and to lead and guide you. It's so important to pray for others too - don't get me wrong - but don't forget that your relationship with God is the one thing that will keep you solid in life. Don't sacrifice that.


  1. It's an important balance to find - and I'm glad you've found it! It's kind of ironic that we can be so tempted to be proud in our "humility" and "selflessness": "Look God, I'm praying for others and not myself!" :-P