Sunday, December 4, 2011

hooks and curtains

Yesterday found my family and I reading a Torah (first five books of the Bible) portion - we were reading in Exodus about when God told the Israelites how to build the Tabernacle. We were reading chapter 36, and these two verses stuck out to me:

12: Fifty loops he made on one curtain, and fifty loops he made on the edge of the end curtain of the second set; the loops held one curtain to another.
13: And he made fifty hooks of gold, and joined the curtains to each other with the hooks, and the Dwelling Place became one.

So basically we have two curtains, that are being joined together with gold hooks. Anything similar to that come to mind? Marriage is what came to my mind! When two people get married, they are joined together as one (see Mark 10:8), and what is the symbol that two people are married? They wear gold rings on their fingers.

Plus, the whole thing of them building a Tabernacle, and our bodies are our Tabernacle... so when two become joined... yeah. Anyways! That was just my random theory as to why we might wear gold rings when we get married - or just a cool symbolistic thing around that. (and yes, I got pretty excited when I shared it with my family :D ) Any thoughts?

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