Friday, November 11, 2011


Surprises are a funny thing. For me, if I know a surprise is coming, it kills me to not know what it is. Like if Mom says we're doing something special on Friday... but doesn't say what - it drives me nuts! When surprises are totally unexpected though, that's when they're awesome. You have no idea something's coming then.... bam! There it is in all its unexpected glory. That's pretty great.

On another note, my brothers and I made caramel popcorn this evening, and we colored it green. It was so fun! ....and kinda strange to eat green food that wasn't, like, spinach. Or broccoli. Or pasta covered in pesto sauce. Anyways, it was a fun evening doing that. :)

Last thought on surprises - a couple years ago my family was on a long trip, and my middle brother was always saying 'expect the unexpected' whenever anything crazy would happen! ....sadly, that was the same trip where he was happily rollerblading and then fell and broke his arm. :( But still, I do like the saying 'expect the unexpected'. Because even though it doesn't really make sense, it still does, ya know?


  1. But doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?

  2. One of the great surprises I had this week was hearing I get to see you tomorrow! Can't wait!!!

  3. @Jeth: most certainly!

    @Lissie: Absolutely!! It was amazing to get to see you! :)