Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is my new blog - my old one - is broken and I don't know how to fix it. So it's dead. ;( R.I.P. Feel free to follow, comment, share, whatever on this blog!

The title refers to a song by Coldplay called Life in Technicolor. I thought it would be a good name because I just blog about life stuff (and because it's a super sweet song). Hopefully I write in such a way to make it colorful... but you can be the judge of that. :)


  1. Me posted a comment on your previous blog just a little bit ago...should I repost it or something? Since that blog is broken >.>

  2. I made a funny observation about the old blog. It starts displaying 5 posts at a time once you get past the first two most recent posts....

    I wonder if deleting those two posts might resolve the matter?

  3. Alex: na, I saw the comment (apparently that's still working) - you're good.

    Chase: yeah I know... and I doubt that would help. I could try it though.

  4. Oh India, I'm sorry your old blog died : ( But I'm really excited about your new one!!! : D And for the record, I LOVE the name! It's one of my favorite Coldplay songs.

  5. I like the title and the theme! It's got a kind of retro feel to it :-)

    And RIP to Musings of a Countess . . . end of an era :sigh: :-(

    :moment of silence: