Thursday, May 29, 2014

once upon a time....

....there lived a beautiful princess in a high tower atop a hill. Tales were told far and wide of her beauty and kind spirit. One day, a prince arrived at the castle, the tales having reached to his home far away. He took one look at the princess and his heart melted; it was love at first sight. The princess, too, was quite taken with the prince, but had one request. He must slay the dragon that lived in the land to the south before she would become his wife.

The prince, thinking this an easy task, bowed to the princess, assuring her that the dragon would be taken care of within the week. He left for the south and the princess was left to wait.

A week went by. Two weeks later, the princess received a note by carrier pigeon that the prince had run into some trouble. First, his sword wasn't sharp enough so he had to get that repaired. Then his horse fell ill, so he was continuing the journey on foot. The princess smiled, hoping that the prince would prevail and come back to her soon, the dragon's head in his grasp.

A month went by. Another note. More problems, bad roads, faulty armor, etc. His note assured her that the dragon would be dead in the next week at the latest. The princess was worried. Would the prince ever kill the dragon and come be with her? She frowned.

Three months went by without a word from the prince. The princess was sad, devastated. She thought her prince was a mighty prince, worthy of the task she had placed upon him. Perhaps not? The next day came with another note from the prince. He was in the valley, camped by the dragon's lair, and was going to kill him the next day. The princess was happy and elated. Would he really succeed this time?

Three days went by. Two weeks went by. No word from the prince. The princess had given up, thinking the prince dead. She sat in her room by the window and cried. This was not the life she had hoped for.

The next day dawned bright and clear and awoke the princess from her weepy slumber. A knock on her bedroom door. Sleepily she awoke and answered the door. Not her prince, but a poor, dirty farmer stood in her doorway. He had the head of the dragon in his hand. The princess looked into his eyes, realizing that he, not the prince, had slayed the dragon for her. His eyes were kind, his hair ruddy, and his skin tanned from working out of doors. Forgetting about the prince, the princess smiled at the farmer, overjoyed that he had killed the dragon for her. The farmer smiled back, and offered her the dragon's head as proof of his love and trust for the princess. The two were married soon after and lived happily every after.

The prince? He was still in the field in the south. Pacing up and down, wondering how to get a new horse to help him slay the dragon.

You see, boys and girls, don't be like the prince. For him, all the conditions had to be perfect to slay the dragon, which really meant that he was a coward, and didn't deserve the princess at all. The farmer took a risk and slew the dragon with nothing more than a hand-made bow. He is the one that the princess loves because he risked everything for her. Be more like the farmer who gave everything up for his princess. That, I am sure, is true love. 

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