Sunday, September 22, 2013


I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks ago to dwell in God's presence for an hour at a random time in the weeee early morning. It was so cool. During that hour of praising, worshipping, and adoring God, I was reading some Psalms that praised His name. I can't find it now, of course, but there was a spot I was reading at where the author was saying something about offering up bulls and goats and sacrifices to honor God and praise and glorify Him and everything. Old Testament awesomeness.

So I was thinking, as I often do, having land, and animals, and servants, and all that, in the Old Testament, showed how rich you were. So to sacrifice animals, was a big sacrifice, because it was giving away their best and prized possession, in a sense, to God. What can we give away today, that is as big a sacrifice as that? I was thinking it might be money, but no, we have an over-abundance of money in America. Seriously. Everyone is working, all the time, to make tons of money that we don't need. And if you are a 'good Christian' you tithe your 10% with no worries and all is well. I don't think it's very hard for people to give 10%. (and of course there are exceptions to that, but I can see the majority being that way) Anyways, tangent. What is more valuable than money? Time. Duh. Time is a valuable commodity that no one seems to have a lot of these days. Especially me (at least, from my perspective).

I smiled, as I was sitting there, adoring God on that chilly Saturday morning. This is why what I was doing was a big deal. I was giving my time, to God. One hour, of my precious sleeping time (and believe me, it's precious), to adore my Creator. That's what we (or maybe just me. I may be preaching to myself and that's it haha) need to give. Time. God wants us to sacrifice for Him, and what better way than giving time? Giving money is still important, yes. But that's easy. Write a check and boom you're done. Awesome, but easy. Time? That's harder. And being a child of God is supposed to be hard.

I'm rambling.

But yes, the moral here, is give time to God. Especially if time is a precious in your life as it is in mine. 

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  1. You are right. Spending time in the presence of the most high God is very important. It is sometimes intricate to decipher why people give offerings in church like God really needs the money for him to survive. There is nothing like being in the presence of God especially when praising him with songs and psalms.