Friday, April 20, 2012


I could do a whole post on how we can make plans but God actually decides what happens.... but I won't.... so instead I'll just make a quick comment about it.

You know how we can make plans but God controls what goes down? Well He does! But that doesn't stop me from making plans. I just have to know that things could change based on what God thinks is best. Back to my plans. I made some summer plans! They include:

  • spending a week in Alaska
  • teaching 5 weeks of dance camp to 1st-3rd graders
  • taking violin lessons again
  • taking an online physics class
  • possibly getting another job to pay for all my adventures (my mom (and half my hometown) thinks I should open a sewing business :O we'll see what comes of that....) 
  • being in my cousin's wedding

I can do some running and biking, and keep up on my sewing. And spend more time with my family. :) And hopefully I'll be cool if God decides things need to change.

Do you have any epic summer plans? Are you okay with God changing them if that's His plan?


  1. Plans:
    1. Watch my boys golf
    2. Watch my boys swim
    3. Watch my boys build onto the house
    4. Watch one son play basketball
    5. Watch my daughter dance
    6. Run A Lot
    7. Try to manage a garden
    8. Read A Lot
    9. Get a really great tan by doing #1,2,3,6, 7, and 8.

    And if God changes any of this - well, you have no choice but to change along with him. I have always told the children - 'God willing we might do such and such, but you never know what might happen'. That way, I never got in trouble for breaking promises!

    Oh and #10. It would be nice to go to Minneapolis a time or two just to go to the Whole Foods Market. :)
    Good post Indi! mm

  2. In reply to #1 - WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D XD
    Lord willing, I'll have one of the awesomest people in the world visit me this summer... :D

  3. YAY!!! PLANS!!
    1. I'm excited for you and Essie, hehe.
    2. Hey, look, we have similar plans!
    3. This I'll be doing on my own, but have FUN!
    4. YES!! TOTALLY... where are you taking this?
    5. Indi, I too wonder why you haven't started one before...
    6. Weddings are always fun.

    Anonymous, I've guessed who you are... Wouldn't you rather come to the East Coast to do your Whole Foods Shopping in the enticingly warm, sunny weather? *smile*

    Yes, I have plans and I'm ok with God changing them. I have an end goal, and everything I plan is just to fill up waiting time wisely.

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