Monday, April 2, 2012

a lovely wedding

My family and I drove to Kentucky this weekend for a good friend's wedding. We have been friends with the groom and his family since 2000! So 12 years. That's a long time, and our friendship has remained really strong throughout all those years. We were pretty ecstatic to hear that the oldest son, Barrett, was getting married. He and his lovely bride Devin were betrothed in Israel last fall, and were married this weekend. Here are some photos I took :)
the bride and the groom hadn't seen each other since January, so she was eagerly waiting his arrival with her bridesmaids
the groom pulled up in this carriage, and together they rode to this gorgeous amphitheater type thing on the river, while all the guests followed them on foot

the canopy where the got married - by the river - at sunset - it was gorgeous
the bridge on the river.... the bridge was out (as you can see) but it was still pretty
got to put my 70-200mm lens to good use and see that the bench had their names carved in it! :D
the bridesmaids waiting for the bride and groom to come
the groomsmen waiting
there they are!!!
the ceremony begins
the grooms dad talked and blessed them
the best man (the groom's younger brother) holding their Ketubah - they read it out loud together (it's a Jewish marriage contract - they got it in Israel when they got betrothed!)
they drank wine together
this was cool - they did the salt covenant - where they each had a bag of salt and poured them together, symbolizing how their lives were coming together. the only way their marriage covenant could be not-in-effect would be if Barrett got his salt back and Devin got her salt back.... which after being mixed is kinda impossible. it was cool :)
and I hate that this photo is fuzzy, but this is Barrett's dad announcing "Barrett and Devin Warren!!!" so exciting. then Barrett smashed the shot glass in a bag - Jewish tradition
then the men carried them around in their bench, to partying Israeli music. after that, there were photos, food, dancing, toasts.... but it was too dark and I'm a bad photographer in the dark. :( but it was an exciting day to be sure!


  1. Wow, that's a really neat ceremony. Thanks for the photos and explanations.
    And great photography skills!

  2. That is so cool! I like all of the symbolism.

    And I have to say I like that microphone too! ;-)