Sunday, September 2, 2012

random thoughts. I put these <> things around it but it didn't like that :( so now it's boring

-Every now and again, my family sits around our living room and just talks and laughs. It doesn't happen all that often because we're all so busy, but when it does, it's awesome. Last night we were talking about the worst and best times in life - oh how we laughed. When a story starts out "remember when" you know it's going to be good.

-I'm going to be busy this fall. Teaching math, which starts whenever the math teacher goes into labor... I'm being her long-term sub while she spends time with her baby. Teaching dance, of course. I'm teaching 19 classes this year - soooooo.crazy.excited.!! Subbing at the other high school - which of course I can only do when I'm not subbing for the math teacher. I'm a tad worried that I'm going to be too busy - but we shall see how things go.

-Violin. Who knew how much I missed it? Certainly not me! I was thinking 'oh, I have a good violin, and I want to be able to play worship songs when everyone gathers around a piano and starts singing' - but until I started taking lessons again I had no idea how much I loved it or how much I missed it. I'm still in the stage where I'm figuring everything out so apologies to my family when I practice.... but thanks for putting up with me. :)

-I've gotten to spend good quality time with good friends this summer - it's been pretty amazing. I get to spend some more good quality time with them later this week, and I'm really excited! As long as my car works so I can drive there, all will be well.

-Overall, I'm just beyond blessed. Problems come up in life that I stress over and worry about, it happens to all of us I think, but when I step back and see all the things God does in my life - it's kinda crazy. I really don't have cause to complain, just because the good overly outweighs the bad. 

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  1. I can't believe you're worried about being too busy! You of all people ;-)

    Nice random thoughts!